The City Hall watchdog blog Mayor Sam's Sister City stated over the weekend it was going on hiatus after more than five years of being a thorn in the side of the mayor, the city council and the Los Angeles Times.

Mayor Sam, a.k.a. Michael Higby, writes, “quite frankly we think we need a break.” He credits other “inside baseball” blogs covering city politics for giving the publication some room to relax on a beat that wasn't well covered before. “This is a good time for a rest,” Higby writes.

The blog has been cantankerous and unwavering in its criticism of an often dysfunctional city and the media that cover it. Few sacred cows exist in the world of Mayor Sam, and over the weekend it castigated the Times for doing a feature on Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's yoga- and diet-fueled well being. The Times, it stated, “is sinking fast into the depths of irrelevancy.”

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