The city of Hawthorne's city manager and finance manager were regulars at an Inglewood strip club, the Wild Goose, where they allegedly made it known to staffers and patrons that they were Hawthorne cops, according to Fox 11 News.

City manager Jag Pathirana was fired and finance manager Louis Escober was laid off — and the chief of police, who was allegedly confronted with allegations that the pair impersonated cops, resigned.

According to Fox 11's Chris Blatchford, Pathirana was such an alleged horn-dog that he pleaded no contest in 2003 to soliciting a prostitute not far from the club.

In another incident, in the summer of 2009, he was at the Wild Goose with Escobar when the latter fought with a dancer over a tip. When sheriff's deputies arrived, Escobar allegedly identified himself as a Hawthorne officer.

That alleged factoid got back to the Hawthorne police department, but nothing, apparently, was done about it. A watch commander informed superiors of what he had heard about the incident, but he soon retired.

Earlier this year, Hawthorne police Chief Michael Heffner was asked by city leaders to explain what happened in the July incident. Twenty-four hours later he resigned.

The night before Pathirana was told to hit the road, Escobar and an associate were reportedly seen taking boxes of items from Pathirana's office.

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