We thought L.A.'s 545 up-and-running pot dispensaries was, well, high. Then we read that Denver has more pot shops than Starbucks, public schools or liquor stores. And get this L.A. pot-heads: The Denver Post is calling the Mile High city “Pot Capital, U.S.A.”

Dude, you guys have been too busy hitting the bong to realize that L.A. is getting out-toked here. Denver has issued licenses for 300 dispensaries — in a city that has less than one-sixth the population of Los Angeles. About 170 of those shops got their licenses in December after the Denver city council moved to begin regulating pot shops and entrepreneurs hustled to get paperwork that fit the guidelines.

States the Denver Post: “On a per capita basis, there are now slightly more medical marijuana dispensaries with a sales-tax license in Denver than there are dispensaries in the city of Los Angeles, where medical marijuana has attracted national media attention.”

This can't be happening.

The way our own City Council has been slumbering on pot-shop regulation, one would think L.A. was champion second only to Amsterdam. This is a shame, and we're calling on all you organic fanatics to right this wrong. The puny city of Denver has an NFL team and we don't. Now it's saying it's got more legal bud resellers per-capita than the City of Angels?


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