Los Angeles has some serious big city problems. We're in the midst of a “homeless emergency.” Our rents are the least affordable in America. And our roads are among the worst in the nation.

But the L.A. City Council has its eyes on the prize. It's always thinking about the really Big Picture. In this case: cats.

Yeah, the council voted unanimously today to allow residents to have five cats in a household. That's an increase from three.


Councilman Paul Koretz actually wants to see more cats in your house. It's not that he wants you to turn into a crazy cat lady (or man). It's that he wants to get more cats off the streets.

The Department of Animal Services says fewer cats would be put to sleep if we'd all just sleep with their poop nearby, feed them, and allow them to tear up our furnishings.

The council voted to have staff members draw up exact wording of a law that would then need another vote.

 Jim Clarke, executive vice president of the landlords' group known as the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles, is not exactly thrilled.

More cats could mean more cleanup after you move out of your lovely apartment. 

“We are sympathetic to the need to stem the tide of stray animals going to shelters and ultimately being euthanized,” he told us. “However, many apartment buildings would not be conducive to holding five cats per unit. We have concerns about apartment size limitation, existing leases which allow cats but do not have a number in the agreement, and raising the amount of the security deposit in the case of the unit being subject to the rent stabilization ordinance.”

We're just happy that at least one group of Angelenos — cats — will be a little less homeless for the holidays.

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