In this time of severe economic hardship for the city, when 4,000 workers are slated to lose jobs, potholes go unfilled, and fewer cops roam the streets, you would think that Los Angeles City Council members are doing their part to trim the budget and take care with your money.

As Michael Linder of TalkRadio 790 KABC found out, while a majority of the council has taken salary cuts, a group he calls the “City Hall Seven” has so far refused pay cuts. Keep in mind, too, that council members are paid the highest salaries of any such body in the nation: $178,789.

Linder asked some of the council members why they won't cut their own record pay in the face of dire economic circumstances. Councilman Bill Rosendahl said, “I'll take a cut if the rest do. I'm not going to take it first.”

Councilman Bernard Parks said, “I never speak about my personal salary.”

The radio man notes that some council members, such as Paul Krekorian and Ed Reyes, cut their pay then — apparently quietly — went back to their full salaries. Krekorian, Linder reported, said he was going to cut his office expenses and layoff some staffers. “While the boss takes full pay, the staff goes away,” Linder quipped.

The City Hall Seven also includes Richard Alarcon, Greig Smith, Tony Cardenas, and Herb Wesson.

Listen to Linder's report here.

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