Today is the one-year anniversary of Occupy LA's takeover of the City Hall lawn.

After many city leaders, including Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, praised the movement's alliance with the “99 percent” of Americans who don't own banks, the demonstrators were unceremoniously and, in a few cases, violently plucked from their tents in a raid Nov. 30.

Apparently to mark the occasion of Occupy LA's birth — or as part of a cruel coincidence — the city recently unveiled this plaque sign:

That's right, just in case any of you 99-percenters-turned-47-percenters got the wrong idea, this sign should set you straight.

There will be no tents, camping, booze or fires, of course, nor will writing, painting, signage or sound amplification.

The way we were.; Credit: Nanette Gonzalez for the Weekly

The way we were.; Credit: Nanette Gonzalez for the Weekly

In other words, the lawn leaches will be banished to the sidewalks with the rest of the homeless.

What the rules forgot to mention:

-No stinky people.

-No renditions of “Cumbaya.”

-No weed smoking, medicinal or otherwise.

-No Birkenstocks.

-And definitely no hypocrisy of the type seen by so-called Occupy supporters inside City Hall.

[h/t The Native Angeleno].

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