Andrew Westall, a 36-year-old senior deputy to Los Angeles City Councilman Herb Wesson, announced Monday that he would run for the state assembly seat left vacant by Paul Krekorian, who was elected as an East Valley representative of the council last week.

“I have worked for three successful speakers of the assembly – Bob Hertzberg, Herb Wesson, and Fabian Nuñez,” Westall stated. “They balanced the budget without cutting schools. I know we can do it.”

According to a campaign statement Westall has lived in the district for 11 years, a refreshing fact given the amount of carpetbagging that goes in in assembly races. He also states that his family came to Los Angeles nearly 90 years ago.

Westall is a UCLA graduate who led the staff of the city's Housing, Community & Economic Development (HCED) Committee, which he notes, “oversees $2 billion a year in operational budgets, contracts, and construction projects … “

The candidate says that his “top priorities will be transportation, education, fire protection, and government reform.” And he wants world peace. And campaign contributions. Lots of those.

LA Weekly