It was the Great Traffic Jam of 2010. And no matter how faithfully they display their Obama/Biden bumper stickers, many Westsiders are pissed. When President Obama visited the Westside for a Democrat fundraiser Monday evening some of the area's main arteries, including Olympic Boulevard through Beverly Hills, were shut down. The resulting Pac-Man-like routes of side-street seekers made much of the area a parking lot — not to mention north-south streets like Robertson and La Cienega boulevards.

Now city Councilman Bill Rosendahl says he wants to do something about this traffic Obamalypse. President or not, the city shouldn't shut down main thoroughfares for hours …

“He [Obama] created a lot of frustration among the people who couldn't move around,'' Rosendahl told ABC7. “So we don't want to see this happen again to the president or anybody else who comes to Los Angeles.''

The Westside councilman said he'll ask for an official report on how the Los Angeles Police

Department and L.A.'s Department of Transportation can coordinate street closures more efficiently when the president and other dignitaries visit.

However: Obama's mess was mutli-jurisdictional, with sheriff's deputies and Beverly Hills cops taking part in the closures.

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