The Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday again defied the mayor and called for a smaller hike in Department and Water and Power rates than what Antonio Villaraigosa called for. The .6 cents per kilowatt-hour increase was approved despite Villaraigosa's backing of a plan that would have hiked rates by .8 cents.

That latter plan was introduced by Councilman Richard Alarcon and later was endorsed by the mayor after it became clear there was a major backlash to his four-tiered rate-hike proposal that would have increased DWP bills by as much as 28 percent. Some on the council argued that the mayor's proposal was asking too much of residents in such tough economic times.

The council's move still needs to be approved by the city Water and Power Commission. The rate hike is said to represent the minimal boost in revenues needed to avoid a downgrade of the department's bond rating.

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