Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich has been hospitalized since the weekend after he reported experiencing abdominal pain. The City Council, which has been at odds with Trutanich over his stance that a vast majority of medical marijuana dispensaries in town are illegal and should essentially be shut down via city ordinance, immediately offered him a dose of high-grade, doctor-approved “sticky-icky” to ease his pain.

… We're just kideen! But seriously folks, City Attorney's spokesman John Franklin said the 58-year-old “is doing very well” and will probably be released Wednesday or Thursday. “He basically was having some abdominal pains and he checked himself into a local hospital and they're running some tests on him,'' Franklin said.

“We don't think it's serious,'' Franklin said. “We talk to him every day, and he's fully involved in all the decisions at the office.''

Did you hear that potheads? He's still alive. So you still need to worry about where your next eighth is going to come from.

LA Weekly