UPDATE: No disease found in psyllids! Hooray!

The LA Times has reported that four Asian citrus psyllids, small insects often known to carry a nasty citrus greening disease, have been discovered in Santa Ana. The disease is called Huanglongbing, and while it may sound like the name of something delicious that Jonathan Gold might discover deep in the heart of San Gabriel Valley, it isn't.

These frustrating creatures have been known to cause serious problems, demolishing citrus plants all across the globe. Most recently, they made trouble in Mexico, which has concerned California agricultural officials. But it's not just a California problem, and the website Save Our Citrus is devoting their efforts to keeping track of where it's flaring up across the country.

As of now, the insects found in Santa Ana are being tested for traces of the disease– and for the sake of, well, the entire state of California, here's to hoping the results come back negative.

LA Weekly