“Going down a wormhole is the only way to program something like this,” says Everything Is Festival co-programmer Dimitri Simakis. He knows about obsession — Simakis has collected more than 5,000 VHS copies of Jerry Maguire — and along with Cinefamily head programmer Hadrian Belove he has scheduled 10 days of tightly edited chaos, with nights dedicated to public-access shows, bizarre video games, awkward stand-up, awkward rappers and cute animal clips.

The most micro: a Vine showcase with six-second auteurs Steve Agee and James Urbaniak. (Urbaniak's short about a cash-grabbing hotel minibar may be the medium's Battleship Potemkin.) Among the slated special guests are comedians Patton Oswalt, Maria Bamford and Scott Aukerman, suburban surrealists Chris Elliott and Mike Judge, plus Tenacious D, Dan Harmon, Joey Buttafuoco and a live sloth.

Wait — Joey Buttafuoco? The Long Island lothario will host the Everything Is Fest's “Triple Fisher,” a mash-up of three Amy Fisher TV flicks starring Drew Barrymore, Noelle Parker and Alyssa Milano.

Also in the mix: a pizza party, a tape-swapping party and a Found Footage Battle Royale (entries due Aug. 11).

“I'm always afraid festival shows are too much insanity for any one human person,” Simakis admits. Is that a dare? Absolutely.

EVERYTHING IS FESTIVAL | Cinefamily, 611 N. Fairfax Ave., Fairfax District | Aug. 12-19 | cinefamily.org

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