On the eve of Cinco de Mayo, a smartphone app maker wants you to know before you go:

Bars are the second most likely place to lose your beloved iPhone (or, if your a dork, something Androidy). Yep. You get drunk, put it on the bar, turn to annoy that hottie next to you and, faster that you can say, Dos mas, por favor, it's gone.

Not only that, but …

… 65 percent of cellphones go missing between the hours of 6 p.m. and 2 a.m. — prime dining and drinking hours.

And, before you look suspiciously at that Latino guy nearby, don't worry about him: He only wants your white women.

What you need to do, according to the Lookout Mobile Security app folks, is …

-Make sure your phone has a passcode on it so that it's pretty much useless unless the bad guys waterboard you for it.

-Download an phone finder app like Lookout Mobile Security's or enable the “Find My Phone” feature on the newest iPhones.

-Keep your phone in your pocket or purse and check to make sure it's there once in a while.

-Or, worse comes to worst, Lookout has a “Plan B” app that it claims can help you find your phone after you've lost it, even if you haven't previously downloaded a phone finder app.

Lucky for you Los Angeles barely makes the list of top 30 cities where cellphones are stolen. But … Long Beach is No. 4.

So drink up … and be careful.

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