Former WWF hottie and current Westside resident Chyna is in a state of anguish. She's been Tweeting furiously to 25,000-plus followers about her stolen puppy Hachie, who she says was lifted by a certain “Jennifer Nelson the babysitter” about two weeks ago.

In Chyna's quest to be reunited with her 17-week-old toy poodle, she has Tweeted phone numbers for herself, Nelson and — oops — an uninvolved dude named Harley Collins.

The distraught man tells CBS LA today that he has received more than 100 calls and texts from Chyna's fan base. One of the angry voicemails:

“Give Chyna her dog back please, she really loves this dog and it's not very nice for you to have stolen it…. That's not healthy, give her her dog back now!”

Collins has since changed his number. But we called the number that Chyna listed as her own, and sure enough — she picked up.

When we asked whether she had accidentally Tweeted Collins' personal information, she said: “Oh. I might have done that.”

But there are more pressing issues at hand. The larger-than-life L.A. bodybuilder tells LA Weekly that three weeks ago, Nelson, who she “thought was a best friend,” stole her poodle while dog-sitting. It was a practice run, says Chyna, for a trip she planned to take to the Exxxotica Expo in Chicago sans newborn.

“The problem is I don't know where she lives,” Chyna says of her ex-friend. “I'm like waiting for her on the Venice boardwalk. I sat outside for three hours the other night waiting for her.”

Chyna describes Nelson as a blonde woman who “wears like green shorts” and often “skateboards on the boardwalk.”

And she describes the lost dog, worth $3,000 dollars, as a “little puppy cutie, so adorable.”

Chyna says she has not yet contacted the police, but plans to do so if the Twitter campaign isn't enough to pressure Nelson into giving her dog back.

“I just don't know how come [she] would do that,” says Chyna. “I'm a humble person so I'm not gonna like do anything to her, but it's like.. I just want my dog back.”

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