Actor Ed Gale, best known for his in-suit portrayal of the original Chucky, was confronted in Hollywood by a “child advocacy group,” who pose as minors to “catch” predators.

The meet occurred Friday, April 14, as the group who call themselves the “Creep Catcher Unit,” (CC Unit) confronted Ed Gale with a folder containing printouts of alleged sexual conversations he had with a decoy account posing as a 14-year-old boy.

The CC Unit organization is led by a person who goes by the name “Ghost” to protect their identity from the public.

“The days leading up to the meeting, [Gale] got very, very graphic,” Ghost told L.A. Weekly. “He talked about how he wanted to be inside the kid.”

While LAPD was called to the scene, Gale was not arrested, with CC Unit claiming the officers cited Gale’s health condition as the determining factor.

The LAPD incident report states that Gale allegedly attempted to “Communicate with a minor, with intent to commit sex,” with investigators planning to follow up on the incident.

The group has been known to livestream its “catches” on YouTube or Instagram, but did not stream the Friday interaction. The group also said Gale was their 353rd “catch” since starting their “To Catch a Predator” style stings in 2018.

Ghost explained to L.A. Weekly that CC Unit had been having conversations with Gale through a decoy social media account since February. Within those conversations, Gale allegedly expressed wanting to perform lewd acts with the decoy boy.

According to the CC Unit, Gale would allegedly go as far as to suggest wanting to perform oral sex acts and at times, sex acts involving urination.

As far as how Gale allegedly attempted to lure in the decoy minor to his Hollywood apartment, Ghost said they told Gale they would be exploring the Hollywood Walk of fame area, to which the former Chucky actor suggested he drop off his belongings at his apartment, as to not have to carry them around.

“He told the decoy to bring a bunch of souvenirs, so he could… autograph them,” Ghost told L.A. Weekly. “But throughout the chats, he would ask for child pornography.”

Expecting a young boy, Gale allowed Ghost, who wears a mask that covers the bottom of his face, into his apartment before Ghost revealed a camera and his true reasoning for being there.

“He said, ‘I knew this was going to happen!” Ghost said. “He basically admitted to everything. He admitted to wanting to have sex with this kid. He said it could have gone down if the kid wanted it.”

Gale allegedly then admitted to carrying sexual conversations with at least 10 other minors in the past.

From there, Ghost had a two hour-long conversation with Gale before LAPD arrived.

The San Diego-based CC Unit has several decoy social media accounts, posing as minors. For at least 353 instances, men have approached these accounts, had conversations and eventual physical meet ups. By the time a meet up is set, the group will print out transcripts of the conversations and confront the alleged predators. The local police will then be called, often leading to arrests.

Gale did not voice Chucky in Child’s Play 1 and 2, but was the suited stunt man for the character. He was also known for doing the stunt work for the Howard the Duck character in 1986.

“It’s ironic that in the movie, the serial killer doll is going after an underage boy, then in real life, this guy is doing the exact same thing,” Ghost said. “He kind of embraced the role.”

An attempt to reach Gale was made by L.A. Weekly. This post will be updated if a statement is made on his behalf.












































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