He isn't the first celebrity to have a strain of weed named for him, but Chuck Norris, a noted conservative, isn't taking the honor in stride.

We noted in the past that Michael Phelps has had a line of bud sold in his honor at some L.A. medical marijuana dispensaries.

But Chuck Norris Black and Blue Dream, sold in L.A., isn't really making the tough-guy actor high. In fact, he appears to be protesting.

A representative of Norris warned, “This is definitely not an authorized use of his name,” according to TMZ.

Is there a lawsuit in the making?

No one is saying. The Boston Herald notes that Norris serves on the board of the National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools.

We're pretty sure he doesn't want bible-study students smoking him after school.

Don't bogart the Chuck Norris, dude.

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