After three years of waiting, Superjail! is back. It's about time, really. Even in the world of Adult Swim, where waiting periods of more than a year between seasons is normal, the downtime between the first and second seasons seemed kind of long.

If you stayed up until midnight last night to catch the season premiere, then you probably noticed some changes in the fifteen-minute series. First is the animation.

“We changed the studio we did it at,” said Christy Karacas over the phone. “The first studio was great, but they took on a lot of work. We had to find a new studio.”

Credit: Adult Swim

Credit: Adult Swim

Titmouse, the company that also handles Metalocalypse, is now working on Superjail!, where the animation is produced in-house at their New York and Los Angeles offices.

“We use Flash,” said Karacas. “We don't even use much After Effects.”

He continued, “There are a lot of tricks to make flash look organic… You have to do lots of steps to make it not look digital.”

This season, you might notice a certain slickness to the animation that you hadn't in the past. The colors may seem to pop out of the screen a bit more. But, the grotesque characters that bring to mind '90s MTV cartoons is still there. (Fun fact, both Karacas and Superjail! co-creator Stephen Warbrick met at MTV back in the 1990s, Karacas worked on Cartoon Sushi and Warbrick on Celebrity Death Match.)

“My style is pretty raw,” said Karacas. “I like crappy, raw drawings.”

The other major change for this season is the writing.

“You learn a lot more about the characters,” said Karacas. There are two [episodes] about The Twins. You learn more about Alice and Jared.”

We were most curious about The Twins, two blonde guys with strange voices who seem to delight in chaos and techno. Apparently, we aren't the duo's only fans.

“It's really funny,” said Karacas, “we seem to have a lot of fans are girls, and they are fans of The Twins.”

We couldn't get him to say too much about what's in store for them. It's possible that we might learn a bit of the characters' backstory.

“We have a bunch of theories,” said Karacas of The Twins origin. “We kind of want to drag that out.”

Karacas described the initial concept of The Twins as something like “alien foreign exchange student, Paris Hilton characters and they kind of have no business there [in Superjail].” He's quick to stress, though, that the characters may not actually be aliens.

“I'm not saying they're aliens, but they're something.”

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