Christopher Brown Speaks On Falling In Love and Launching Break Records

Christopher Brown, a trailblazing music industry leader based here in Los Angeles, recently announced the launch of his own music label and distribution company, Break Records.

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Originally hailing from the idyllic landscapes of Michigan, Christopher’s connection to California’s buzzing cultural landscape was prescient, earning the childhood nickname “Hollywood” for an innate sense of style and flair. This early affinity for the world of entertainment laid the foundation for a destined trajectory.

The spring of 2019 marked a pivotal moment as he made the leap to Los Angeles while still steering the wheels of a career at Sony Music, seeking to elevate aspirations within the music industry’s dynamic heartland.

“Moving to LA was a dream realized. It’s a place where creativity thrives, and it felt like the perfect canvas to paint my career’s next chapter,” shares Christopher Brown.

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In 2020, fate brought Christopher Brown together with now-fiancé, actress Alex Rose Wiesel, precipitating the beginning of a flourishing family life in Los Angeles. “This city not only became our home, but it also became the backdrop to new beginnings, building a life together,” Brown adds.

With a nomadic past spanning seven states and over 25 cities, Los Angeles marked a significant milestone as the first place that resonated as home from the moment the bags were unpacked. “The sense of belonging and the incredible network of friends and family here have truly made LA feel like the place I’ve been searching for,” expresses Brown

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Navigating the diverse terrain of LA, Christopher finds joy in exploring its multifaceted offerings. From leisurely escapes to Malibu Café or relishing in the flavors of Korean BBQ to exhilarating jaunts through Laurel Canyon or hitting the slopes of Big Bear, Brown revels in the city’s kaleidoscope of experiences. Professional engagements with the iHeart Radio family in Burbank or rendezvousing with industry powerhouses like CAA, or even gracing the esteemed Grammy’s, have all been facilitated by LA’s central accessibility.

Since settling in LA in April 2019, Brown and Wiesel embarked on an unforeseen journey, swiftly securing a home amidst the challenges of the pandemic. Alongside their commitment to each other, they’ve welcomed four furry companions rescued from adversity. As they prepare to exchange vows in February 2024, their LA story continues to unfold.

A man of action and not just words, Brown thrives in LA with the people who come to the city to hustle and make their dreams come true. Brown’s Break Records venture is dedicated to fostering a culture where artists, weary of the conventional constraints of labels or the challenges of independence, are offered unparalleled creative control to authentically showcase their individuality. But alongside his work, he also cherishes activities like skiing, skateboarding, and dirt bike riding, savoring the city’s diverse offerings that amplify both professional and personal pursuits.

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With Break Records now officially launched and gaining steam across the music industry, Brown is able to fully live out his dreams, while making the dreams of the many artists he works with come true too… It’s a “Hollywood Story” that is still far from finished, but exciting to watch continue!

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