Some kid is going to be really disappointed this holiday season.

That's because a suspect with marijuana packaged in Christmas-present wrapping was busted at LAX this week, the Transportation Security Administration tells the Weekly.

Santa Clause does not exist, children.

And TSA is the Grinch. What's exceptional about this story is that …

… the man allegedly had 120 pounds worth of weed in holiday wrapping, the TSA's Nico Melendez told us.

The look on that kid's face when Papa brought that home? Priceless. That gift could have kept on giving, too. Merry Christmas.

Apparently, though, it wasn't the way premature holiday theme that tipped off TSA security officers.

Rather it was that the “two large items in checked baggage … could not be resolved through the use of screening technology,” according to an administration statement.

You know, we could have totally resolved that stuff. With a few friends. And some nice Thievery Corporation on the stereo.

Okay, enough with the Friday afternoon jokes. It all happened Wednesday night in Terminal 6 when the suspect was trying to head to Cleveland via a Continental Airlines flight, the TSA says.

Authorities caught up with him at Gate 60, according to the administration. The TSA alleged he had two “packages” containing 50 and 70 pounds of weed each.

The Daily Breeze, which broke this story, says Derik Dwayne Neely, 32, of Flint, Mich. was arrested on suspicion of transporting marijuana for sale.

We'd also charge him for being an (allegedly) bad Santa.


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