Chris Brown's rampage backstage at Good Morning America this week got the Taiwanese animation treatment, Tiger Woods-style.

This one sent to us by Next Media Animation seems to display a little cultural insensitivity (but hey, they're Taiwanese), as Brown is seen being chased by “animal control” officers outside the studio, an aspect of the story that didn't happen.

He's also seen …

… chasing down Rihanna after a judge recently relaxed a restraining order against the pop singer. That (the run on Rihanna) didn't happen either.

Brown did apparently go berserk backstage at GMA after he was asked about Rihanna.

If you'll recall, the 22-year-old assaulted her during 2009's Grammy Awards weekend in Hancock Park. Her faced appeared to have been pummeled. But Brown got off with community service and probation.

During the interview he said that happened two years ago and that he only wanted to talk about his new album.

After the chat he went rockstar on a dressing room, breaking a window and tossing the place, according to ABC.

Looks like he dodged a bullet though, given that Brown's on probation. No charges appear to be pending following the GMA incident.

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