Had there been a chocolate pie chart when we were growing up, we might have learned to do math. Instead we had cryptic train equations and SOCATOA, and thus pursued English degrees at liberal arts colleges. So while we still haven't quite figured out how to do income taxes, we have a few dozen adjectives to describe the wonders of the Chocolate Pie Chart, a fitting and deserved thank-you present for whomever you guilted into doing your filing.

Designed by Brooklyn-based duo Mary & Matt, the Chocolate Pie Chart belongs to a line of handmade, small-batch chocolate with pop-art aesthetics called Chocolate Editions, which the couple launched in their home kitchen in 2009. The line includes standards like milk, dark and white chocolate bars, as well as caramel, strawberry and tangerine bars. And Chocolate Googly Eyes.

The 5.5-oz. chocolate pie chart breaks down to 70% dark, 20% milk and 10% white chocolate. It's 3.5″ in diameter and .75″ high. Solid.

Mary & Matt's Chocolate Pie Chart costs $20, excluding shipping. Available online.

LA Weekly