Sorry folks, it's way too early for April Fool's posts. Adam Fleischman, known mainly as the guy behind Umami Burger and 800 Degrees (along with various partners), has decided it's a good idea to open a chocolate-flavored fried chicken restaurant. Once again: You are not reading The Onion. Unless Fleischman is playing an elaborate joke on all of us (and I wouldn't put it past him), there is really about to be a “chocolate/chicken hybrid” restaurant (actual words from the press release) in downtown Los Angeles. 

The place will be called ChocoChicken and will be located at 403 W. 12th St. downtown. Lest you think this is actually not really going to be a chicken fried in chocolate batter, maybe more of a mole situation, let us disabuse you of that notion.
“This isn't mole, traditional fried chicken or even chicken just dipped in chocolate,” Fleischman says. He goes on to claim the chocolate-batter dipped chicken has that “crack factor” he looks for in restaurant brands. 

Chocolate chicken not enough for you? Never fear. There will also be biscuits, sides, beer, wine and cocktails. 

By the way, that sound you hear is all the credibility L.A.'s food scene has garnered over the last year rushing out the door. Just kidding. Maybe this is a great idea! Maybe it'll start a food revolution! PB&J-dipped fried fish joints! Starburst-lacquered pizzas! And they thought the taco with a Dorito shell was revolutionary. Pshaw.

ChocoChicken is expected to open in March. We can't wait.

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