Back in August when I reviewed ChocoChicken, one of my main complaints was the chocolate overload of the endeavor. The chocolate-flavored chicken itself wasn't that bad, but the heaping on of more and more chocolate items — from sides to cocktails — made for a wholly unbalanced meal. 

Now, it appears that the owners of ChocoChicken have decided to dial back that chocolate dependence. Eater reports that the restaurant has launched a new menu which relies far less on gimmicky chocolate sides, and focuses instead on things that might act as a foil to the chocolate chicken (which remains). 


The mashed potatoes have lost their white chocolate addition. The bun for the chicken sandwich is no longer chocolate-flavored. And, Eater reports, they've taken the chocolate-flavored cocktails off the list. 

Instead, you can get sides such as mac and cheese, or buffalo cauliflower. There's even a watercress and black-eyed peas salad, which sounds downright refreshing — especially if you've just ingested a bunch of chocolate-flavored chicken. 

Prices are said to have decreased as well. 

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