Manhattan Beach rock & roll singer/songwriter Chloe Caroline releases a new single, “Confetti,” in the New Year, and she’s celebrating with a show at the State Social House, so we chatted…
L.A. WEEKLY: When did you start singing, writing and performing, and when did you know it could be a career?
CHLOE CAROLINE: I’ve been singing since I could talk! I did church choir and school choir as well and the talent show once a year — so I wasn’t the kid singing state fairs, but I always told people I wanted to be a singer, I felt it in my soul. I never shut up — I was always creating melodies and singing around the house.
I wrote my first song on piano at 6 and then taught myself guitar at 11, and that’s when my writing took off. I’ve always been a creative writer, writing stories and poetry and started putting my thoughts to my melodies. In 6th grade, I had been very sick and had to leave school temporarily and songwriting became my outlet. Once I got to high school, I’d put videos of my songs on Facebook and eventually people came up to me saying they could relate to them. That’s when I knew I had to do it.
Describe your sound…
I call it a New Southern California sound — the blend of the variety of genres/influences I grew up with but with a present day twist. Mixing the sounds of the ’70s and late ’90s [and] early 2000s together. Stevie Nicks meets Avril, Alanis, etc. Real instruments mixed with synthetic. The old with the new. And always authentic storytelling. Southern California is such a melting pot and so am I.
What is your proudest career moment to date? 
I got to have seven of my songs in a Hallmark movie called Love, of Course last year and also got a role in the movie. It was a huge growing experience for me getting to work with acting pros Kelly Rutherford and Cameron Mathison while also getting to have my music throughout the film and perform on camera.
What can we expect from this L.A. show?
Per usual, I love to tell the stories or inspo behind my songs, so a lot of that. It’s also my first show of 2020 — so I’ll be on fire with excitement.
What’s next?
January 10, the day after the show, I’m releasing my single “Confetti.” It’s probably my favorite song to perform and was extremely personal for me to write. The video comes out January 17 and by far is the coolest video I’ve been able to create — we did it all DIY. Then I’m off to Nashville for some writing and a couple of shows (The Bluebird!) and then off to Park City to play the BMI Snowball stage at Sundance Film Festival end of January. Kicking off 2020 strong! Oh, and more music will be dropping.
Chloe Caroline plays at 8 p.m. on Thursday, January 9 at the State Social House.

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