We're a sad bunch of self-centered, narcissistic, good-looking people, Los Angeles.

Stop checking yourself in the mirror for just a second to realize that when you start a trend involving living beings, they reproduce, and the world is stuck with them.

Witness the sorry plight of the Chihuahua, which went from “it” dog to castoff faster than you can say Lana Del Rey:

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals this week actually had to fly 42 unwanted Chihuahuas (mixed in with some other small dogs, it says) to Seattle, where they might have a better chance.

You see, the little Latino is yesterday's pup.

In fact the SPCA was conducting “Air Chihuaha” flights from L.A. to other parts of the country for much of last year.

The latest shipment, which wrapped up Wednesday, sent the dogs to the Seattle Humane Society in Bellevue, Washington. (The Beverly Hills of Seattle, we're told: Maybe Seattle's version of Paris Hilton will take up where we left off).

Unfortunately, this Chihuahua problem isn't abating. The SPCA:

There are more than 60,000 Chihuahuas registered in Los Angeles and their population keeps growing! … Donations to Air Chihuahua can be made online at https://spcala.com/adopt/air_chihuahua.php or by calling 1-888-772-2521 x233.

And these Mexican immigrants thought this was the land of opportunity. Now they know how we really feel about them.

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