But it wasn't just a headless goat last week. Also a “bird of prey” — this according to The Eastsider LA blog, which is all over the Elysian Park mutilated animals story.

Apparently, last week two woman found what appeared to be a recently deceased baby goat and bird of prey, both headless. Here's where it gets weird(er): One of the same woman found parts of a chicken, in the same spot in the park today.

We called L.A. Animal Services, who are unaware of the incidents; we're awaiting a call back from park police.

Last month a pig heart was found in the park, and last year, yet another goat, Eastsider LA reports.

Chatter around the Weekly newsroom lays out some possible explanations, including an exotic religious ritual — though what religious rituals aren't at least a little exotic?

A particularly macabre colleague posits that it could be the nascent career of a serial killer.

As it happens, there was also a strange shooting in Echo Park early this morning, with a guy on a Harley said to have opened fire on some folks leaving a bar.

So perhaps the headless animals are of a piece with Echo Park weirdness.

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