The Chick-fil-A frenzy is in full swing. Early this morning, 200 people were already waiting when the line officially opened for tomorrow's Chick-fil-A Hollywood debut.

Tomorrow at 6 a.m. the deep-fried Southern fast food chain known for its chicken sandwiches and its traditional Christian values (read: opposition to gay marriage) opens at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Highland Avenue. It's only the second Chick-fil-A outpost in LA city limits. (The other is near USC.) The first 100 adults through the doors receive free Chick-fil-A for a year.

This afternoon's line-waiters took part in a raffle, in which 100 people as well as 10 alternates were selected to wait out the night for the highly coveted “First 100” prize. Winners receive one chicken sandwich, one order of waffle fries and one drink (equating to 52 meals) every week for a year.

Equipped with mattresses, tents, chairs, tables, umbrellas and computers, the Chick-fil-A faithful have settled in for a long night. The restaurant is providing security, restrooms, a DJ, ice cream sundaes and free chicken sandwiches to help while away the hours.

For those who don't want to wait on the Hollywood pavement for a chicken sandwich, the restaurant opens tomorrow at 6 a.m. — with protests by gay activists expected.

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