Chick-fil-A broke ground this morning on its highly anticipated Hollywood franchise, which we revealed last week. Located at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Highland Avenue, it will be Los Angeles' second Chick-fil-A location when the eatery opens in the summer of 2011. (The first is located near USC.)


Shortly after 10 a.m., one of the Chick-fil-A cows drove a bulldozer into a former Carl's Jr., earning cheers from the crowd. Even without opposable thumbs, the bovine skillfully decimated “Circus Burger's” drive-through, tearing up retaining walls and sending stucco crashing to the ground.

Yvette Nicole Brown of Community Poses with the Chick-fil-A cows

A few snippets we overheard as neighborhood residents and Chick-fil-A fans (many of them Southern transplants) milled about, munching on free sandwiches:

“God, I hope this one has a dipping bar!”

“So when are we going to get a Bojangles in LA?”

“If this happened every time I got up at 8 a.m., I'd totally do it.”

Yes, it's just a chicken sandwich, but it is, apparently, the chicken sandwich. What In 'N Out is to hamburgers, Chick-fil-A is to chicken sandwiches. So its devotees claim, and they are many.

Chick-fil-A's biggest celebrity fan, at least in Los Angeles, may be Yvette Nicole Brown, who plays Shirley on “Community.” She seemed genuinely excited to be at the groundbreaking, happily posing for pictures before the bulldozers went to work.

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