It's officially election season in America, and few topics are hotter or divide us more than taxes:

Should the rich pay more? Do the wealthy carry the rest of us? Do corporations pay their fair share?

On that last one, KCET's news series, SoCal Connected, might have a partial answer:

Tonight's edition of the show (at 9 p.m.) will probe Chevron's apparent tax breaks and its influence in El Segundo, the town it helped found nearly 101 years ago.

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A teaser about the show says it will probe …

… how, for over a decade, El Segundo's Chevron has avoided paying millions of dollars in taxes–and why it may not be their fault.


With gas approaching $5 a gallon and big oil continuing to post record profits during these hard times, you would hope that corporations like Chevron could at least do their fair share come tax time.

Last month the Daily Breeze reported that then-city manager Doug Willmore's plan to implement a a nearly ninefold tax hike on the company ended with his ouster.

That's one way to get fired.

Stay tuned.

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