This is the town that put Korean barbecue beef on a taco and mixed the striptease with masked wrestling.

We also pioneered putting avocado in Japanese “sushi”!

So why not put chess and boxing together too?

The L.A. Chessboxing Club has got a bout for you:

Its “Brain Meets Brawn” bout, organized in conjunction with the Tuxedo Tyrants, happens Feb. 10 at a private warehouse downtown.

Official Video of the Los Angeles Chessboxing Club from Andrew McGregor on Vimeo.

Three will be six fighters and three matches. A bout includes five rounds of boxing and six rounds of chess in rotation, with chess first, then boxing, and so on. Winners can be declared by checkmate, knockout or judge's decision.

All this really needs is alcohol. Wait! There is alcohol, organizers tell us:

Drinks and light food included, so this is a bargain to support a good cause and enjoy a crazy fun Sunday evening!

Proceeds will go to a group that encourages “citizen journalism in war-torn regions of the world,” organizers say.

Interested in this blood/brain sport? Info.

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