For all of you who've been obsessively driving by the little strip mall on Overland that has for the last few years been the location of Roy Choi's Chego, hoping to see the Chego truck or evidence that Chego has reopened since it closed, ostensibly for renovations, in December — an update.

“I don't like to use the word closing. We are moving,” Choi emailed this afternoon. “Just like many immigrants went through growing up, we got dealt a hand and are dealing with it.”

Choi says that Chego is indeed closing the Overland location permanently — its lease was up — and moving to Chinatown, with the goal of opening by the end of April. “Same menu for now, with a couple Chinatown specials, and then we will flow the menu based on how the neighborhood influences us. Think lunch specials, soups and char siu!! It's a big spiritual journey for me.”

As for what's next, Choi continued: “Chinatown first. Once up and running, I will get Alibi Room to run an abridged version of Chego! Then look for a new Westside location. We are still a small company and we must do things in a manner that we can manage.”

And for everyone who is having difficulty coping with the changes, Choi writes the following. “If you're sad, how do you think WE feel!!? But we are not closing! Just moving.” Exactly. Get a little perspective. Go stand in line at a Kogi truck or get a table at A-Frame and order whatever makes you happy. It's only a few weeks. And think how much closer to Dodger Stadium you'll be come baseball season, which is, after all, just around the corner.

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