In memory of Anthony Bourdain, The Mar Vista will be featuring their version of “The Perfectly Designed Protein Delivery System,” in reference to one of his favorite L.A restaurants, In-N-Out Burger, starting today for lunch and dinner this week in honor of  Bourdain Day.

The $18 burger meal will include two patties, two slices of American cheese, mustard, pickles, lettuce, tomato, special sauce and caramelized onions, as well as “animal-style” fries and a classic vanilla shake made with Fosselman’s Ice Cream.  One dollar from each order will be donated to Crisis Hotline Los Angeles.

The Bourdain Burger (Courtesy The Mar Vista)

“The thing about a burger… there are many forces that play with a properly made burger.  You gotta have a decent bun… bun selection is very important. Good quality meat, also, that would be nice.  Non-limp, reasonably fresh greens and garnishes are also good. Cheese, you don’t want fancy cheese. No… this cheese-like substance is just perfect. The two thin patties together maximize surface area, therefore exposing meat. Maximum areas of meat surface to the papillae of the tongue. It’s brilliant! Like a ballistic missile. A perfect designed protein delivery system.”

“I like mine animal style and I’d tell you what that is… but I’d have to kill you.” -Anthony Bourdain

The Mar Vista, 12249 Venice Blvd., Mar Vista; (310) 751-6773. For more coverage of Anthony Bourdain, click here.

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