Smorgasburg launched this summer to great acclaim on one of the hottest days of the year. We imagine its “grand reopening” this weekend will be even more popular, given that the current weather is more conducive to tamales, rice bowls and enormous pastrami sandwiches.

The open-air market, held in the loading lot of a produce market downtown, will reopen after a brief holiday hiatus on Sunday, Jan. 15, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Entrance is free, and food prices (and line wait times) vary. There are four new food vendors this year:

This family-run stall serves homemade dumplings and Cantonese-inspired broths — they're calling them bone broth, naturally. The coconut-chicken broth seems to be a particular point of pride.

Kohk & Sahk
Laotian jerky! In both beef and pork varieties.

Little Llama Peruvian Tacos
Pomegranate glazed pork belly and lomo saltado with huacatay aioli … in tortillas.

Bukchae; Credit: Zach Brooks

Bukchae; Credit: Zach Brooks

Imagine the turkey legs at Disneyland, then imagine them prepared in the style of Korean fried chicken. Yeah. They come with a choice of two sauces: spicy gochujang and sweet garlic-sesame.

Tamale Shoppe
Just utter tamale madness. The menu will rotate pretty regularly.

Duck Duck Goose
This purveyor says its classic foie gras terrines are made with foie “sourced from humane farms.” The terrines are served with fig and walnut bread from Bread Lounge, plus jams and cornichons. The stand will also have a limited number of foie gras doughnuts.

Hummus Yummy; Credit: Zach Brooks

Hummus Yummy; Credit: Zach Brooks

Hummus Yummy
Our own Besha Rodell called this “the best hummus in Los Angeles,” so you know it's good. Made Israeli-style, toppings include shakshuka and fava beans. Hummus Yummy also will have falafel, as a side or sandwich.

Mandoo are Korean dumplings, and here they're huge, brightly colored, and filled with things like bulgogi and shrimp and vegetables.

Here's the complete list of Smorgasburg L.A. 2017 vendors:

Banh Oui
Black Sugar Ribs Co.
Bub and Grandma's Bread
Chinese Laundry
Cookie Captain
Crack Nuts
Donut Friend
Duck Duck Goose
Ensaymada Project
goa taco
Hummus Yummy
The Jolly Oyster
Khok & Sahk Jerky
Little Llama Peruvian Tacos
Mama Musubi
The Nomad Truck
Palomas Paletas
Shrimp Daddy
Stand Coffee, LLC
Sticky Rice on Wheels
Sus Arepas
Tamale Shoppe
T.J.'s Tacos L.A.
Todo Verde
Ugly Drum
URBN Pizza
Viva Los Cupcakes
Wanderlust Ice Cream
We Have Noodles
Yellow Business

Happy eating!

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