The campaign to pass two charter amendments on the March 3 ballot has agreed to withdraw a claim that Mayor Eric Garcetti supports the measures.

In a 16-second promotional video, campaign co-chair Kathay Feng claimed that Garcetti has endorsed moving city and school board elections to even years.

In fact, Garcetti has pointedly declined to take a position on the amendments. The campaign agreed to edit the video and withdraw the claim after it was pointed out by Save Our City Elections, the organization that has been formed to oppose the charter change.

In a statement, campaign spokesman Dave Jacobson said that the group still hopes Garcetti will come on board.

“We plan to contact Channel 35 today about editing out the line mentioning Mayor Garcetti,” Jacobson said.

Supporters of the charter amendments argue that moving city and school board elections to coincide with federal elections would boost turnout, which has been flagging in recent years. But opponents contend it will make campaigns more expensive, strengthening the power of special interests and drowning out community candidates.

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