There are films that must be seen just to bask in the brilliance of a single performance … and then there's The Wrong Guy. Kids in the Hall legend Dave Foley co-wrote the 1997 film, a charming if not quite ingenious send-up of the likes of North By Northwest and The Fugitive, in which a dim-witted corporate sap thinks he's been framed for a gruesome murder and flees for his life … even though the cops have long since ruled him out and are tracking the real killer along his trail. While the vehicle is enjoyable enough, it is Foley's lead performance as the sweet but intensely stupid hero that transcends into giggly greatness. He's on top of his game, from the nimble bits of physical comedy to countless perfectly pitched epiphanies of dumb. (If you haven't seen it yet but know someone who has, say the words “Enema Bag Jones” to them and watch them collapse in a fit of hysterics. Works every time.) Foley will appear at Comedy Death Ray's Funny Bombs: The Wrong Guy screening on Monday to do a Q&A afterward, making this a must-attend.

Mon., June 7, 8 p.m., 2010

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