If you're looking for a home with history, notoriety and layers of patina (genetic patina), look no further than the infamous casa Sheen, which has been put on the market for $7.2 million, according to Redfin (via Curbed LA).

Just don't buy it for mama. She'd be washing those walls for days. Not a nice gift.

So is Sheen hurting for cash so soon after his $1.8 million per-show run on CBS' Two and a Half Men was shut down by what appears to everyone in the thirty mile zone as a cocaine-fueled, hooker-aided meltdown?

Dunno. But we know that he recently purchased another house around the corner — rumored to be a strictly party house, but now maybe his main house. It has 6 beds and 9 bathrooms. 6/9. Appropriate.

Peachy Sheen.; Credit: MLS / Redfin

Peachy Sheen.; Credit: MLS / Redfin

And when you're as rich as Carlos Irwin Estevez, you can, indeed, have disposable homes. And, yes, this one you might want to throw away. Or at least boil. He's had some parties.

The peachy Sheen home NOT IN BEVERLY HILLS — it's on the frigging Valley side of Mulholland Drive, though it does have the Beverly Hills Post Office zip code of 90210 — is 7,924 square feet with five bedrooms and 7 bathrooms.

You might want to take extra security precautions for your cars, however, should you buy this powder-encrusted gem:

Sheen has had a couple S class Mercedes disappear from the estate and end at the bottom of steep Mulholland hillsides.

Drug deals gone sideways? Angry porn stars and suitcase pimps? Who knows. Maybe this place is just the Bermuda Triangle of nice German rides.


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