Charlie Sheen recently asked for $3 million an episode to stay on top-rated sitcom Two and a Half Men.

This week an L.A. beverage company said it would give the actor that much for an endorsement. Easy money, sounds like. But not so fast.

Under the deal offered by the Chill Group (whose product is called “Just Chill“) Sheen would have to …

… shut his mouth. That's right, he'd have to “just chill.” The beverage's motto is “Live above the noise.” Yeah, or, here's another idea: Live above the poor people — like in Mulholland Estates.

Wonder if this mixes with coke.

Wonder if this mixes with coke.

As part of the deal the company wants him to do a month of rehab at Sober Valley Lodge in Beverly Hills.

A company rep tells us Sheen would also have to agree “to be the celebrity spokes person for the company's first drink on the market – Just Chill.”

Here's a problem, though — and this is just an observation: People with suitcases full of cocaine aren't really big on chillin' out in our experience.

So good luck.

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