Charlie Sheen said last year that being Latino “was never a part of my life growing up … My parents never infused it into our household.”

A guy born Carlos Irwin Estévez who has displayed a reported penchant for cocaine and porn stars couldn't be any more Latino, if you ask us. (Jus' kideen!). But until now his Hispanic roots have always been optional:

TMZ discovered a promotional image from the upcoming Robert Rodriguez film Machete Kills.

You see, Rodriguez is a champion of the Latino warrior in film (see the original Machete or El Mariachi — they're all about killing The Man). So a white dude named Sheen probably wouldn't cut it.

Although Charlie kept his father Martin Sheen's stage name (papa was born Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez to a Spanish father who apparently spent time Cuba), even as his siblings (Emilio et. al.) stayed with Estévez.

But now, work calls, and Sheen will be billed (for the first time ever?) as Carlos Estévez. In fact the Rodriguez copy says “introducing,” as if though Chuck will unearth new talent from within by tapping his birth name.

Hey, if elected officials (we're looking at you Eric Garcetti and Mitt Romney) can tout their Mexican roots for political gain, Charlie Sheen can flash his brown card, even if he's not brown at all.

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