We told ya about Michael Phelps-brand weed. Then there was Chuck Norris — apparently it's a kick in the pants.

But can you really get any higher than … Charlie Sheen?

TMZ reports that “several” pot shops in our humble medical marijuana capital of the nation were selling a Sheen strain of cannabis.


This after a week or so of Sheen going off the rails with self proclamations about his tiger blood and Adonis DNA. His anti-semitic ranting also got his top-rated show, Two and a Half Men, canceled for the season.

So if, instead of medicinal healing, you want nutty behavior, go for an eight or even a half-ounce of Sheen.

But can you really “smoke Sheen” if you're not a porn star? Apparently now everyone can do it.

Sheen?; Credit: themadpothead

Sheen?; Credit: themadpothead

This stuff might be good, psychedelic even — but it couldn't possibly be more potent than a suitcase full of coke.

Interestingly, we called more than a half dozen “providers” and none had Sheen. (Sample phone call: You got the Sheen, man? “Huh?”).

One pot shop worker said the strain “sounds like bullshit.”

Another said, “We don't carry that, no, but it sounds awesome.”

And what's with the dispensary workers who answer the line in hushed tones and say they can't speak over the phone? Are these legitimate, out-in-the-open, nonprofit enterprises to benefit the seriously ill, or what?

Not if they don't have Sheen.

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