Like the rest of Jesus' children, we were pretty mystified last winter when his likeness showed up in the buttspace of an old rocking chair in Costa Mesa, etched from chipping paint.

Orange County chair-owner Lou Balducci, after being informed by his housekeeper that the funny-lookin' wood knot was a blessing on his home, acted admirably humble about the whole thing, telling NBC LA, “I am not sure what I want to do with it. Right now, I am enjoying having it in my home and showing it to friends and family.”

In the time between then and now, however, Chair Jesus (AS SEEN ON TV!) seems to have reached celebrity status:

As of this morning, Balducci's selling the thing on eBay for $25,000. And that's just the starting price — because lord knows Chair Jesus don't come with no “But It Now” button. Remarkably, “bid History” still lurks at “0 bids,” though buyers still have almost four days to duke it out.

As for Balducci, he's obviously enjoying his last days with the porch miracle:

Credit: eBay

Credit: eBay

According to its item description, Chair Jesus, which has been “sitting in the backyard for many years” — “exposed to the elements” so long that “an image of Jesus has surfaced” — will make a “nice museum or church piece.” Also, in the few months since Balducci discovered the wood knot, the chair has apparently taken on “healing powers.”


So, anyone down to pay $25K for a crappy old rocker you're afraid to sit on, for fear of angering the gods? Or at least getting blogged about by Christwire.


LA Weekly