In what could be seen as visionary or monumental blindness, a Los Angeles-based fashion retailer is putting tweets about its brand up for all to see via LCD televisions in its 68 stores nationwide.

Metropark this week announced the launch of its “Reverb” Twitter interface that allows tweets that mention the retailer (@MetroparkUSA) not only to be displayed on-screen in the stores but to show the general geographic location of the tweeter. (You can also find its Twitter feed at the Metropark site).

“Reverb gives users the ability to interact with Metropark, whether they want to speak to their overall Metropark shopping experience, mention products they bought or are interested in, or simply have the instant gratification of seeing their tweets posted in real time,” reads a company statement.

It isn't clear, however, how the chain is going to filter tweets. What if someone says “@MetroparkUSA sucks” or worse? What would be the retailer's liability of someone used the interface to cyberbully a peer who happens to be at the store? What if gangs get a hold of the technology and start tweet-banging?

These questions are brought to you by the future of retail marketing.

“We fully recognize the power that Twitter gives its users,” stated Metropark Chief Executive Officer, Renee Bell. “We have already seen a great deal of feedback from our fashion and tech savvy customers who have readily embraced this new interactive customer experience … We are actively listening and responding to all types of customer feedback in an innovative way.”

The store features fashion from Shepard Fairey's Obey line as well as Betsey Johnson, Affliction, True Religion, Frankie B and more.

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