Tonight is the premiere of the second season of a little summer entertainment that goes by the name of Jersey Shore. The MTV “reality” show has become one of America's favorite guilty pleasures and, like many shows in that genre, has spawned a number of musical cash-ins.

Today we became aware of one in particular, DJ Pauly D's “Beat Dat Beat,” a spoken-word slice of dance cheese featuring Pauly's overenunciated bon-mots (“Being a guido is a waya LIFFFFE”).

We asked LA Weekly's dance expert (and news blogger) Dennis Romero to weigh in on the merits of Pauly's track. Here's his verdict: “Sweeping pads. Crunchy, electro-tinged synths. “Fuk Dat”-style talk-over. If spikey hair could stand up and dance on its own (without the help of Axe hair gel or two hits of ecstasy), it would be to this track.”

You know you wanna:

LA Weekly