There may be a few different words in that headline that you don't understand — at least when combined together. Latke turkey dog? Thankgivukkah?!

So, first, a quick primer on the latter. Thanksgivukkah is a screwball name given to this year's exceedingly rare cultural holiday mash-up, where the annual Gregorian calendar (stick with us) that most Westerners rely on overlaps with the lunisolar Hebrew calendar (almost over, promise), meaning Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are happening at the same time (see, that wasn't so hard). Yes, Hanukkah is usually much closer to Christmas, but unless you want to start hearing about moon phases and embolismic months, it's best to just keep going.

So, what does this great city of culinary innovators do with this holiday cross-contamination? Make a hot dog to celebrate, naturally.

Beginning on Nov. 22, all three locations of Dog Haus, the Pasadena-based casual frankfurter establishment, will be churning out plates of Thanksgivukkah Dogs for both religious and non-denominational eaters alike. The turkey sausages also come stuffed with whiskey-soaked cranberries, sage, rosemary and sweet potatoes with a touch of brown sugar. But that's only one half of the holiday. On top, the Dog Haus team have taken their existing deep fried tater tots and given them a light smash — it's not exactly your bubbie's best latke, but the sentiment is there. And to finish it all off, a glaze-y, sweet apple cranberry compote. All on Dog Haus' signature split and grilled Hawaiian sweet roll bun.

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So is this actually the entirety of two overlapping traditions on one tray? Yes and no. There are flavors you can't miss: cranberries and rosemary from the turkey table, and the crispy-edged fried potato bites of the menorah crowd. But with all of that thick, warm apple pie-like sugariness from the compote on top, and the baked-in sweetness of a typical Hawaiian roll, the result is much closer to dessert than main course. Or rather, a wildly out-of-control day-after-Thanksgiving sandwich, where more than just the leftovers got tossed together as a snack.

Not that the Dog Haus team — and their new culinary director Bruce Kalman — have any obligation to tone things down for us stuck-in-the-middle eaters. Thanksgivukkah is as ridiculous as the dog that Kalman and his team created in its honor, and the fun-loving Dog Haus crew is even more fun-loving than both combined. Don't skip your planned Thanksgiving or Hanukkah dinner for a Thanksgivukkah Dog — just crash a free party instead — but also don't feel bad about giving one a taste the next time you swing by a Dog Haus location. Just know that with every bite, you'll be tasting all of the fun that Dog Haus has, wrapped up inside that same grilled Hawaiian bun as always.

Dog Haus' Thanksgivukkah Dog will be on sale at all three Dog Haus locations from Nov. 22 through Dec. 1.

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