Holiday dining fads come and go, yet the Turducken remains one of the most notorious members of the Thanksgiving culinary scene. And for good reason — the all-American amalgam of turkey, duck and chicken is a crowning achievement in the progression of poultry.

This month, Dog Haus has taken the meaty combination one step further, uniting all of those flavorful fowls on one sweet, Hawaiian-breaded bun. Behold: the Plymouth Rockwürst.


Until recently, the Turducken was far too massive to be integrated into casual, much less hand-held cuisine. A colossal undertaking that eats as an event, it made sense to see it emerge annually as part of the Thanksgiving/Christmas culinary-industrial complex. It's a shame it's been pigeonholed, really, seeing as this Franken-fowl packs enough flavor to be relevant, regardless of any occasion. Recognizing this, the folks at Dog Haus seized an opportunity to incorporate the Turducken into one of the most accessible forms of food on the planet — the hot dog. 

The first step was to develop a proprietary blend of the three birds so they could exist as one coherent link. They were assembled thoughtfully, allowing the individual parts to shine within the whole. Though if there's one thing lost in the marriage, it's the disparate textures unique to turkey, duck, and chicken — each of which are discernible in the traditional Turducken —that merge into sausage uniformity here. 

But what's lost to mouthfeel is more than accounted for in enhanced taste. Served atop the Plymouth are a smattering of holiday-specific ingredients that evoke Thanksgiving in every bite. Sage gravy, apple-cranberry relish, and whiskey-soaked yams play well with the sausage, introducing spice and sweetness without overpowering the protein.

The Sweetie Pie; Credit: Brad Japhe

The Sweetie Pie; Credit: Brad Japhe

Extending the seasonal theme, it's only fair to match the dog alongside an order of the Sweetie Pie — brown sugar-laced sweet potato tater tots blanketed under a layer of melted cheddar — and Dog Haus' autumnal cocktail, The Old Musket.

Dog Haus has grown as a prominent chain throughout much of the region, but the original location in Pasadena showcases its most extensive collection of booze and beer. It is here that The Old Musket was born. With its maple bitters and Frangelico sweetness brightening a spiced, rye foundation, the drink is garnished with a stick of cinnamon and can be described as a fall-forward Old Fashioned. It is rimmed, of course, with crushed, candied pecans.

Although the saccharine and savory notes reek of late November, there should be a world in which such a decadent pairing is commonplace, despite the season. Oh wait, there already is. It's called America. 

Dog Haus now boasts seven locations (with more on the way) across the greater Los Angeles area. The Plymouth Rockwürst can be found on their menus for the remainder of November.

Dog Haus, 93 E Green St., Pasadena, (626) 683-0808; Multiple locations throughout Southern California, visit for more information. 

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