This presidential election is a particularly hot one, and many of us don't want to be alone when we find out who's going to be the boss of us for the next four years. Accordingly, here are some bars and restaurants around L.A. that are opening their arms to voters with food and drink deals, TVs set to news networks, and camaraderie.

The Morrison
From 3 p.m. to midnight on both Nov. 7 and 8, the Morrison will give all age-appropriate voters a free beer or wine with purchased food. All the 18-to-21 voters get bread pudding! (Aw!) The only proof of voting needed is your I Voted! sticker.

Messhall Kitchen
Messhall will be giving out free food on Election Day, the better to eat your feelings. Show your sticker and get a free side with any entree. Options include fries, cheese grits, crispy cauliflower — carby stuff. The restaurant promises not to ask “for proof of citizenship, where you live or who you voted for.”

The Detour Bistro Bar

It's happy hour all day on Election Day at Detour, no matter if you voted or not. But if you do show up wearing a sticker, you'll get a free shot. Either red or blue. Hm, wonder which one will go quicker?

Public School

In addition to all-day happy hour, every Public School location will host an ongoing beer pong tournament. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's faces are printed on the beer pong balls. But keep it sportsmanlike.

The Abbey Food & Bar
The only restaurant on this list that is not even pretending to hide its true feelings, the Abbey is hosting Election Day events with the Human Rights Campaign. It's a political center as much as a restaurant any day of the year, so there aren't any food and drink specials, but there will be hundreds of people there.

Taste on Melrose
Taste will drag out a projector on Election Day so that election coverage will be literally writ large. The happy hour menu will apply all day, and there will be patriot-inspired cocktail specials, too. Any guest who shows an “I Voted” sticker will receive a complimentary sparkling wine with purchase.

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