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I love it when I see somebody say CBD is not a cure-all. You know, of course, having been at this awhile, I’ve heard “marijuana isn’t harmless.” “CBD isn’t cure-all.” OK. What do you want to talk about? I mean, the idea is that CBD, the government, having suppressed researching, continuing to suppress research and the FDA has not done anything that they say they should do about CBD. But it is not a cure-all, which is an absolutely meaningless statement. And yet I’ll see this in the form of journalism. “CBD isn’t a cure-all… Marijuana is harmless…” Whatever. We’re really not looking at marijuana and CBD and understanding it. The reason that we’re beginning to find that cannabis works on the human body is because we know that there is an endocannabinoid system – that is, cannabis being external to the body corresponds to something that is in fact inherent in our bodies; so that when we take in cannabinoids, they interact with the endocannabinoid system.

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But we really do not know very much about that. We’ve found that there are receptors and that part of what we understand is the Debose molecules move into these receptors. But what is really going on behind that is something that is fundamental to the human body. There is something going on in our bodies that we are now just beginning to understand. It hasn’t been that long. First off, since we didn’t know about THC, we didn’t know about the cannabinoid system until sometime 70s; it’s a very recent thing.

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Two hundred years ago, the list of things we didn’t know about was just about complete, like everything. The idea that we found out that opiates have an effect in this sort of thing and we found different things have different effects? Well, in part (the good part) because of marijuana prohibition, we were very late in learning about how the cannabinoid system works. And again, this brings up the next subject that we’re all going to be talking about here for quite a long time.

That is, the other cannabinoids. Because there are so many of them and we have absolutely no idea what they may or may not do or what is really intriguing is what they may or may not do in combination with other cannabinoids or with other things, the so-called entourage effect. So this is something where, first off, what we really need from the government in this regard is to get the hell out of the way. Let free people discover what is so fundamental to ourselves, to our minds and our bodies and maybe our souls. But get the hell out of the way because this is what it means to be free.

Richard Cowan is co-founder of CBD Seniors, and a former National Director of NORML.


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