In most classes, you don't get to drink vodka and eat caviar. In Caviar 101 at Petrossian, you do nothing but.

Launched in April, the class, which occurs the first Thursday of every month, includes a tasting of three caviars and two roes led by house expert Christopher Klapp. In between tiny spoonfuls of delicious fish eggs, he'll drop some of his extensive knowledge about how caviar is farmed, harvested, stored and graded. The $35 class includes a flute of vodka (the best way to cleanse your palate, according to caviar experts) or a glass of champagne or a martini as well as light snacks by chef Giselle Wellman. This month, Klapp will feature one of Petrossian's newest caviars, the exotic Shassetra Schrenki, a complex and delicate blend of flower and fruit. Here's one class we wouldn't mind running late.

When: 7:30 p.m., May 5th

Where: Petrossian, West Hollywood

Cost: $35/person

RSVP: Space is limited. Only 16 guests can be accommodated at any time, so reserve early. (310) 271-6300

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