Remember the Northridge “Mean Girls” who allegedly scrawled swastikas on their classmates' front walkways and smeared poop on their cars in April?

Well, according to the L.A. city attorney, they had their very own Amy Poehler on hand to drive the getaway vehicle. (Refresher course: Poehler was the “cool mom” in the movie who dressed like her daughter and talked like her, too. Video below.)

The real-life Valley version is named Catharine Whelpley

… and, according to the city attorney's office, she's the 43-year-old mother of one of the three middle-schoolers who were reportedly expelled for anti-Semitic vandalism.

News of the prank leaked when funny man Jon Lovitz — friends with one of the victims, whose ancestors were Holocaust survivors — ranted about it on Twitter.

He was angry that none of the girls would be punished, beyond expulsion. But a 43-year-old mom is a different story. Here's how Mama Whelpley allegedly lent a hand, via city attorney press release:

On April 3, 2012, Defendant Whelpley allegedly drove her daughter, a juvenile age 14, and her daughter's two juvenile friends, age 13 and 14, to a residence that was the home of one of their former middle school friends. The three juveniles exited Whelpley's vehicle and threw toilet paper into the trees and on the property. The girls then poured maple syrup on the front porch and smeared human feces on the homeowner's vehicle.

After vandalizing the first property, Defendant Whelpley allegedly drove the juveniles to the store to purchase additional toilet paper. Defendant Whelpley then allegedly drove to the second victim's residence, where the juveniles threw toilet paper over the property, smeared human feces on the porch, and poured maple syrup on the homeowner's vehicle. Defendant Whelpley's daughter wrote the word “Jew” and drew swastikas in maple syrup on the victim's property. Whelpley allegedly waited in the car for the girls, then drove them back to her residence.

Mom of the year, right?

Accordingly, she's been slapped with a cocktail of terrible-mother charges, including “three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor; two counts of vandalism; two counts of trespass; and, two counts of tampering with a vehicle.”

Whelpley was identified by the LAPD after being caught on neighborhood security cameras, says city attorney spokesman Frank Mateljan.

She's scheduled for arraignment at the San Fernando Courthouse on June 28; here's to hoping she shows up in a pink Juicy sweatsuit with a chihuahua on her arm.

Update: A girl on Facebook who appears to be Whelpley's daughter, and who says she attended Nobel Middle School in Northridge, posted the following photo to her account. (She's the one on the right.) In the comments, a friend writes: “the notorious picture.” To which the girl responds: “Haha I don't give a crap what mr. H thinks this picture was displaying. It is cute:) and it's supposed to be funny.”

Credit: Facebook

Credit: Facebook

Are these the notorious “Mean Girls” of the San Fernando Valley?

Update: Indeed, this is the same photo Jon Lovitz Tweeted back in April, telling his 40,000-odd followers: “The 3 girls who are bullying my friend's daughter. They want to be known. Let them be famous as Jew haters. Pls RT.”

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