Catch Alexa Villa at the Moroccan Lounge: Straddling a line between pop-punk and alt-pop, “bubble rockstress” Alexa Villa has released a string of awesome singles over the past couple of years, building a career that appears to be on the brink of something really quite special. Time will tell, but for now things are looking exciting. SAFTisland and FLASCH also perform.

Villa released the “Bored” single, featuring Colie Hutzler, at the end of last year. “We have so many songs about heartbreak and relationship breakups, but what about the best friend breakup?! Sometimes those hurt worse,” said Villa in a statement at the time. “Recently, I lost a group of friends that I considered sisters. We decorated our apartment together, planned holiday parties, wrote each other’s Bumble profiles, and even binged six hours of Love Island once. I really can’t speak as to why the friendships ended but for a moment there, I was in a confused and lonely headspace over it, while still truly believing everything would work itself out and we’d return to our backyard bonfires. After spending countless hours trying to figure out what went wrong and multiple attempts to reconnect, I came to the realization that some people have nothing better to do than hate on happy people. ‘Bored’ is me expressing what I took away from this experience…if they spent more time working on themselves and choosing positivity, there would be no time to waste talking about me. So don’t hate me ‘cause you’re BORED.”

Catch Alexa Villa at the Moroccan Lounge: The event takes place at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, August 2 at the Moroccan Lounge.




























































































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