Americans are gluttons for pizza, beer and, yes, marijuana. We certainly know that here in the pot shop capital of the nation. But Mexicans' attempts to feed our need for weed has hit a new low:

Authorities say smugglers attempted to use a medieval-style catapult to heave pounds of cannabis over the border.

It didn't exactly work out as planned:

The Border Patrol tipped off Mexican military officials (see, they're not all corrupt down south) who then seized the thing last week along with 45 — count 'em — 45 pounds of bud.

The catapult was described by Reuters as a “metal-framed catapult, powered by heavy-duty elastic and mounted on a trailer.”

It all went down across the border from Naco, Arizona.

Kind of makes sending “drug mules” to the U.S. with pot on their backs sound almost high tech.

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